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NGH GT 35 Gas Engine-Rear Exhaust

NGH GT 35 Gas Engine-Rear Exhaust Image
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The new NGH GT 35 Engine is a unique engine for two reasons; it is convertible from side to rear exhaust and can be beam mounted or radial mounted using standoffs. This engine comes as a rear exhaust!

To convert the engine from rear to side exhaust using the included instructions, special rear exhaust piston, and gaskets which are all included with the engine.

The radial mount and standoffs allow mounting on a 75 mm bolt circle (about 2", 15/16"). 75mm mounting template included.

Engine Type - Gasoline Two-stroke, Air Cooled, Rotary Valve
Cylinder Type - Precision Steel Sleeve
Cylinders - Single
Crank Type - Forged Dual Ball Bearing Support
Mounting Type - Beam or Rail Mount, Radial Mount with Standoffs
Carburetor Type - Walbro WT Series
Carburetor Mounting - Front
Mounting Dimensions - Owners Manual or Website
Spark Plug Type - CM-6
Displacement - 35cc
Bore - 37.3 mm
Stroke - 32 mm
Crankshaft Threads - 3/8" X 24 TPI
Engine+ Muffler+ Ignition (Total Weight) = 3 lb, 1 oz.
Prop Range - 18X8, 18X10, 20X8
RPM Range - 2000-9000 RPM
Fuel - Unleaded Gasoline With High-Quality Two-Cycle Oil, Pre- Mixed
Pre-Mix Oil Ratio and Type - Full Synthetic; Break-in with 20:1, General 25:1 For Air Cooled Engines

The engine comes complete with everything shown in the pictures; engine, muffler, CDI ignition, spark plug, radial mount, standoffs, rear exhaust conversion piston and a one year USA warranty. Our engines have individualized serial numbers from the factory.

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Detail Image