Agape Racing and Hobby, LLC


Internet Policy

The internet has opened many options for customers and business like no other single vehicle in history. Information is transferred worldwide an unbelievable speed and what use to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in seconds. This information transfer is a wonderful thing if it is productive and accurate.

For the entire time we at Agape Racing and Hobby, LLC have been in business we have strived to accomplish the following:

1.)Operate the business as a Christian business and according to Christian ideals
2.)Offer the best selected products in the R/C hobby business at a fair and competitive price
3.)Give the best customer service; treat others as we like to be treated
4.)Strive to ship orders by next business day
5.)For engines, we realize that these are an investment and as such we stock repair and replacement parts here in the USA and do our own service and repair work. We have never sub-contracted repair or service work.
6.)For items that have a warranty, we provide the manufacturer’s warranty for repair and or replacement as appropriate and then we resolve the warranty claim with the manufacturer.
7.) Promote products made in USA when possible.

We have no desire to make negative comments about our competitors or anyone else. Many times forum information about our products is incorrect and inaccurate. One thing that makes us different is that we actually visit many if not all of the factories and suppliers that provide products to us worldwide. We know that our products are genuine and not unauthorized copies. We also have a more productive working relationship with these suppliers which in turn are a benefit our customers. We welcome any questions by telephone or e-mail about our products.

Jim and Susan Willis – Owners