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NGH GT 25B Gas Engine-In Stock

NGH GT 25B Gas Engine-In Stock Image
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NGH GT 25B Engine. An easy to mount beam design. The exhaust discharge can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate any model.

Engine Type - Gasoline Two-stroke, Air Cooled, Rotary Valve
Cylinder Type - Precision Steel Sleeve
Cylinders - Single
Crank Type - Forged Dual Ball Bearing Support
Mounting Type - Beam or Rail Mount
Carburetor Type - Walbro WT Series
Carburetor Mounting - Front
Mounting Dimensions - Owners Manual or Website
Ignition: RCEXL 1/4-32 90 Degree Single Cylinder
Spark Plug Type - 1/4" X 32 TPI
Displacement - 25cc
Bore - 33.2 mm
Stroke - 29 mm
Crankshaft Threads - 5/16" X 24 TPI
Engine+ Muffler+ Ignition (Total Weight) = 2 lb. 2 oz. (960g)
Prop Range - 15X10, 16X8, 16X10
RPM Range - 1,600 - 11,000 RPM
Fuel - Unleaded Gasoline With High-Quality Two-Cycle Oil, Pre- Mixed
Pre-Mix Oil Ratio and Type - Full Synthetic; Break-in with 20:1, General 25:1 For Air Cooled Engines
Maximum Power: 2.7 Hp @ 11KRPM

The engine comes complete with everything shown in the picture; engine, muffler, RCEXL CDI ignition, spark plug, and a one year USA warranty. Our engines have individualized serial numbers from the factory.

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