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RCEXL Universal Mount BPMR6F Ignition Kit

RCEXL Universal Mount BPMR6F Ignition Kit Image
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A complete universal mount kit for engines that have round crankcases like DA, 3W, ZDZ, etc. No more worry about timing and sensor mount problems as this mount can be installed any position, 360 degrees with a simple screwdriver. No drilling and tapping threads required to get the engine timing correct. The universal and adjustable mount is made from a narrow but strong stainless steel worm drive clamp. The sensor mount is bonded to the clamp with a proprietary adhesive and high temperature shrink. The universal sensor mount can extend over the prop hub one inch. Fits crankcases up to 50mm (about 2 inches) in diameter. The kit includes the CDI, universal sensor mount, sensor, and complete instructions.

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Detail Image